We just received our new business and prayer cards at the end of last week (pictured above). We are so excited that they finally arrived. The idea of us doing God’s work overseas is becoming more and more real every day. The last couple years I have had my New Balance business card and now it has changed. We have always had different prayer cards up on our fridge of missionaries but now we have our own that will be on other people’s fridges. I never imagined that Erika and I would have our own prayer card. We have always known that God had something special in store for us and now we are seeing His plan unfolding.  The emotions that we are experiencing have been tiresome for us because they have been like a roller-coaster.  We are so excited for what is to come, not sure how everything is going to play out from now until we arrive in Italy and so many things are changing in our lives that all of our stability in life will soon be gone. The only thing that we will have that is stable is God and each other. I know in my head that this is more than enough to get through life but it is sometimes harder to believe when in the midst of it all. I know that this is just a transitional time in our lives and know that God is using all of this to stretch us and grow us closer to Him.

 “Thank you Lord for this time that you have us in right now. It is not an easy time but I know that you have great things in store for the furthering of your Kingdom. I don’t understand why you are doing everything the way you are doing them in our lives right now. It is very hard for me at times but I am OK with that. I know that you are the Creator of the universe. You spoke this world into existence. You give me life with every breath that I take. YOU ARE GOD!!! We do not deserve anything Lord. We are a sinful selfish people, yet you still love us.  Your ways are so much higher than mine Lord. I am so thankful that I do not have to try to figure everything out. I know you already have it figured out and know that your plan is perfect in every way. Thank you Lord for your love and how you have always taken care of us. You are such a good God. I know that you will always be there. You are my Rock! May I always stand firm in your presence oh Lord!”