Financial Partnership

We’ve often said that this isn’t Jon and Erika’s ministry.

God has called us to dedicate ourselves full time to this work, but we do it as an extension of the team He calls to partner with us. Individuals, families and churches give on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to make this ministry is possible and we are so grateful for each gift! We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us through financial partnership! You’ll find more details below.

What Your Giving Covers

Your donations go directly towards costs such as ministry project costs, living expenses, travel, supplies, health care, and taxes. We have committed our livelihoods to this ministry, and are dependent on faithful donors to continue the work. TEAM is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.

As is common for missionaries, our financial partner team is always in flux due to the changes in lives of the individual partners and their ability to give regularly. We are always in need of new partners or special gifts from existing team members to fill those gaps. Currently we are trusting God to provide $2,000 in new monthly support to bring us back to 100% of our goal.

That amount is critical to our ability to continue pursuing the ministry opportunities in front of us full time. Would you consider joining our team and being a part of the impact arts and anti-trafficking ministries are having in Italy and around the world? Please see details below about how to take this opportunity to get involved!

Ways to Give

Give Online (By Credit Card or Electronic Check) 

If you prefer to give by credit card or by direct bank transfer online, please go to our family’s giving page on the TEAM website. Set up your automatic giving plan there (monthly, quarterly, or annually) or give a special gift.

Automatic Contribution Transfer (ACT)

The TEAM ACT Program is a service that authorizes TEAM to deduct monthly donations automatically from a checking account (Electronic Funds Transfer – EFT). This is the preferred method as ACT saves time and money, avoiding postage and check costs, and ensuring that checks won’t be delayed or lost in the mail. It also helps TEAM achieve better stewardship of your contribution by reducing processing time and costs, plus no fee is assessed, as with credit card donations.

Directions to set up automatic monthly contributions for a USA receipt:

  • Click here to download the registration form and print it out. 
  • Fill the form in completely with your contact information; details help us keep accurate records and contact information.
  • Include our family ID (J&E Tello 011574) when indicating the missionary the ACT is for.
  • Fill in the amount you would like to contribute monthly.
  • Pick the date of transferring funds to TEAM, either the 10th or the 25th of each month.
  • Read the agreement on the form, sign and date the form.
  • For a checking account transfer, we need a voided blank check (not a deposit slip).
  • Include form and bank document.
  • Donors will receive a USA receipt.

Scan and email it to or mail it to this address:
PO Box 1986
Grapevine, TX 76099-1986

TEAM will do a test run first with no dollars transferred. Your first automatic deduction will appear in about six weeks. You will receive a letter or email confirming that TEAM has enrolled you in this plan and the date of your first contribution. A record of each deduction will appear on your monthly bank statement. You will continue to receive a receipt from TEAM each month unless you request otherwise. You can discontinue your monthly deductions at any time by calling the TEAM Stewardship Department. Increases must be submitted in writing with a signed and dated request to do so.

Give by Check

If you prefer to give by check, please write “J&E Tello 011574” on the memo line and send here:
PO Box 1986
Grapevine, TX 76099-1986

There are also other ways to give such as giving by phone, electronic bill pay through your bank, and others. You can read all the details and instructions about all your options on the TEAM finance resource page here. If you have any questions specifically for the TEAM finance office, please call the main number (800) 343-3144 and ask for finance.

Thank You

Thank you for your financial partnership! We know you work hard for your money and we truly appreciate every gift we receive. It’s an honor to be supported by those God calls to our amazing team and we wouldn’t want to do it without you!


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