Your Role

We view our supporters as indispensable partners

and while we need your support tremendously we are excited about investing in your lives in turn as we pursue God’s heart together. We want to encourage you, pray for you, and support you as well as we journey together. Please email us with prayer requests so that we can be informed about how best to pray for you!

How You Can Support Us

We can’t do this ministry alone. We depend on God for all we need, but He often chooses to work through people like you to provide for His children. We believe He has called and equipped a team of people to be our prayer warriors, encouragers, and supporters. There are two main ways we need your support: spiritually and financially.


We are all in a spiritual battle and sometimes due to our direct work in areas where the Enemy is thriving, such as our efforts to combat sex trafficking, the spiritual oppression can be strong. We appreciate every time someone intercedes for us and those we are working with so that we may be protected from the enemy and empowered to do the work God has given us to do. Email us if you would like to receive regular prayer updates via email.


We depend fully on the partnership of individuals, families, and churches in order to meet our financial goals. Please click here to learn more about how your  investment through giving can allow you to be an essential part of our ministry. We love our partners and call it a privilege to serve as an extension of them.

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