Our Ministry

Our heart is to make Christ known by providing opportunities for people to encounter Him through arts and anti-trafficking ministries. We are passionate about harnessing the power of art and justice initiatives so that people can experience God and lives can be transformed. In all of this we are privileged to be an extension of their partners in God’s redemption story for Italy!

TEAM Global Arts Ministry

Jon was invited by TEAM leadership to pioneer a new Creative Arts focus for TEAM as the Global Arts Ministry Coordinator. His aim will be to create a culture in TEAM that values art as ministry, equip TEAM artists to intentionally use their gifts for the Kingdom, and provide a platform for connection among TEAM artists and the missionaries who work with them.

There is such potential and power in arts ministry. Jon believes efforts to make disciples in any context can be enhanced when we empower artists to use their gifting strategically for the Kingdom. When founded on biblical principles, guided by the Spirit, and motivated by a love for God; arts ministry can inspire worship of our God worldwide.

TEAM wants other fields to have the opportunity to benefit from what Jon has learned over the years about how to build arts ministry initiatives and how to best empower artists to be vital parts of any ministry team and Jon is excited about the opportunity to share that with TEAM’s network of almost 600 missionaries in 39 countries!

Pray: For Jon as he coordinates this new area of ministry for TEAM International. Pray for TEAM missionaries to catch the vision, for development of training materials, and Jon’s mentorship of TEAM artists.

The Alba Safe House and Recovery Program

Alba exists to provide long term housing, recovery and training programs for women and their children escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Italy.

Alba is a project of the ATR national anti-trafficking alliance which has been reaching out to treasures (victims of trafficking) across Italy for years but not had viable ways to help them escape and fully recover. Now Alba provides a secure place to take treasures where they can get the specialized wrap-around care they need and the opportunity to rewrite their stories.

Erika has been involved with the establishment of Alba since it’s inception and remains an advisor on the Alba Board. She is also the Communications Coordinator managing everything from public relations to social media.

Pray: For protection and favor as Alba opens in early 2022 to survivors of trafficking who will begin their restoration journey. Pray for the treasures who will begin their new lives, for the Alba staff, and for funding. Pray also for Erika as she manages communications for Alba.

Tesori Business for Mission

Tesori is all about crafting extraordinary pens to be treasured for a lifetime while empowering survivors to rebuild their lives and overcome. See how crafting pens and empowering survivors of trafficking relate in this online photography show we created called The Beauty of Restoration.

Jon is the Co-founder and Director of Tesori. This registered Italian social business crafts and sells handmade pens in order to create a revenue stream that will fund the work program arm of the Alba Safe House and Recovery Program and other related ministries. In this way Tesori provides dignifying employment and training so survivors of trafficking can reintegrate into society and build an independent new life.

Pray: For Tesori to grow as a business for mission that helps fund anti-trafficking ministry and employs survivors of trafficking. For Jon as he manages the business, makes pens, and mentors colleagues in Italy.

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