It has been a couple days since we arrived in Ohio. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I got a lot more then I bargained for. If you were going to be living with your in-laws what would you expect from them?

Everything started on Saturday when they arrived in Chicago. They borrowed a truck, rented a trailer and drove for 9 hours just to get there. It’s not easy driving that rig in Chicago traffic and parking it on one way streets! They came with a plan to help us move and determination to do it. Awesome…I can’t believe my in-laws!

They got up early Sunday morning and came over to our place to help us pack the last of our things and load the trailer and the truck. The thing that you need to understand about this day is that the weather was miserable. It was cold, about 50 degrees, and rainly all day. Erika’s dad, brother and I loaded the truck and trailer while Erika and her mom finished packing. The boys were dripping from the rain that poured during their trips in and out of the house. Erika and I had to step out for part of the morning and they finished packing and loading things up all by themselves. Awesome….I can’t believe my-inlaws!

Next, they drove for about 10 hours back to Ohio with all of our stuff. They actually left a couple hours before we while we attended church, finished up a couple things at the house and said goodbye to some of our friends. The drive was miserable because of all the rain and high winds. They arrived about an hour before we did and with the help of a couple friends they unloaded everything from the truck and trailer. Awesome…I can’t believe my in-laws!(Erika’s parent’s house in Ohio: our home for these next couple months)

My in-laws are letting us stay in a studio apartment in their home to help us limit our living expenses while we are connecting with supporters and raising ministry partners. Awesome…I can’t believe my in-laws.

(The studio apartment that we will call home. We’ve spent the past couple days moving in and making it ours. Thanks Tom and LeAnn!)

I am so blessed to have in-laws who care about us so much and support what we are doing. They are probrably the best in-laws there are! Sorry for those of you who have not married into the family I have.

Thanks Tom and LeAnn! I am so blessed to be part of your family. I knew that I caught a great girl when I married Erika but you guys were the added bonus. Thanks so much for taking us in and helping us in this part of our journey. We praise God for you both. Thanks for allowing God to use you in our lives. Thanks again!!!