Sometimes God sends encouragement in small packages. And sometimes He delivers it in ways you would least suspect. We often hear, “We’re praying for you.” And we love hearing that because we know truly our lives depend on the continued prayers of individuals and families. However, we were recently reminded how much these prayers affect us and what a blessing it is to be supported in this way.

You see, a friend told us “we’re praying for you” and I was thankful to hear it, but didn’t think long about it. Little did I know that when she said “we” she was referring to 25 3rd and 4th grade students in the school where she teaches. A couple days later she delivered 25 hand written letters from some terrific boys and girls who were previously strangers to us. Jon and I decided to read the letters during our drive from Chicago to Ohio because we knew it would be a difficult weekend and we could use some encouragement. We were almost in tears as I read aloud the precious words on each page and contemplated the fact that 25 children have been continually lifting us up in prayer! Not only are they praying for us, but they are asking God for specific things we need. In their words, some of the things they are praying are: “that you sell your condo,” that “you have a great marriage,” and that “you bring more people to God.”

We had to share these gems with you so please take a couple minutes to view the video we’ve created showcasing these small packages that brought us such great encouragement. A special thanks to Salem Christian School 3rd and 4th grade classes and their teachers!!  And thanks to all of you who are praying for us. It really matters.