This past week I have been thinking a lot about the art I have made. We’ve sold some pieces during this transition process. It is always hard to let go of each piece because while I create, it becomes a part of me. As an artist, you remember all the late nights you had with it…times when you could not be pulled away from it because you were in a groove and could not stop. You remember the times you were so frustrated with it because there was something that was not quite right with it. You just stood there staring at it, then you would leave and come back and look at it some more. Eventually it all would come together and when it’s finished you would step back and admire it. You have put so much time, sweat, frustration, and joy into it. When you look at it you remember the process of this creation; how it went from an empty canvas to a piece of artwork that reflects you and your Creator. Which brings me back to my point. After all of this is said and done it is hard to part with your artwork. It’s your baby, a piece of you, an experience you had with your Creator.

One of the things that I have to remember is that the greatest thing about being an artist is the process of creating. He (God) uses the process of creating to bless, teach, and grow me in my faith in Him. As I create, I have a unique connection with God that I enjoy much more then even the product that I create. God uses that time to teach me about Himself and about myself. Nothing else gives me the same experience.

The other facet about creating art that stands out to me is the way God also intends to use it for others. God wants to use my art to bless and speak to others in ways that I do not understand, but He does.

God has been teaching me a lot about himself recently. He is teaching me a lot about what STEADFAST means. He has called me to be steadfast in my life no matter what is going on and how hard life is.  He gave me an idea about creating a piece of art that reflected this and would remind me of what this means.

This past week a friend of mine, Jon Simpson, gave away some of his music for free (You can sign up to receive something from him each month if you Click Here). God put it on my heart to do the same with a piece of my artwork. He wants it to be a reminder for me, but he also wants you to enjoy it and be encouraged by it. I created it on the computer using Photoshop, Corel Painter 11 and Illustrator. I would love for you all to enjoy this piece of art. Just e-mail me ( ) and I will send you a high resolution image that you can print from your computer or use to have a poster made. May God speak to you through it! Enjoy God’s Creation. To Him be the Glory!!!