Initially, our goal departure date (which was set back in December 2010) was August 15, 2011. One week from today. I am so amazed by how fast time flies. 

I began to wonder why God had not allowed us to raise all of our support and put all the other pieces together so that we could get there by then. I was reminded that our timing is not always the timing God has for us. It was good to set an initial date to leave so that we had a goal and something to shoot for. But we also need to be flexible and open to what God has for us. 


I realize that God’s work in and through our lives is bigger then we can imagine. I could be disappointed that we are not on our way to Italy next week, but that would be wrong of me. God has a plan and purpose for where He has us right now. We believe that there is something He has not yet accomplished through us here in the States. There might be a person, family, or church He wants for us to connect with? We don’t know what it is exactly. We  just are trusting that He is going to do what He will with us in His timing. It is easier said than done sometimes, but we just need to trust and obey. 


However, while we live for today while we stay, we will keep praying for everything that needs to happen for us to go. We know that God can move our mountains and He has called us to pray until they are. Thanks for praying with us and being a part of His plan through us!!!