This weekend we celebrated my birthday and it was awesome! I have a great wife who understands that I LOVE FOOD. We celebrated the weekend accordingly. Here is a list of the highlights of the weekend.

1) County Fair = Onion Blossom + Funnel Cake (Amazing) I saw a pig that sold for $15.50/LB. WOW!!! That must be some good pig!

2) Cleveland West Side Market = Steve’s Gyros (Featured in Food Network) They were so Good!

3) Jets Pizza = Deliciousness (This is Jon’s favorite pizza of all time) Nothing like Michigan Pizza and no I am not crazy!!!

4) Birthday Party = Family + Erika’s home made Stromboli (Its like a pizza that is rolled up) + Erika’s home made  ice cream cake (Snickers/Oreo/Ice Cream/ Chocolate Fudge) Soooo….Good +presents (Thanks everyone)

It was a great weekend. Erika knows how to celebrate it with me. Its kind of crazy to think that this might be my last birthday in the States for a while. Crazy to think about some of the food that I might be eating in Italy next year for my birthday. No worries I will keep you posted next year!