Before we began pursuing missions work I had very few artists in my life. But over the past few months God has been bringing many artists my way. In the process of looking for artists to participate in the Arts in the Church event this coming weekend, God connected me with a Christian Rap artist. His stage name is Advocate. God has done a lot in his life to take him from darkness to Light. He won’t be able to join us on Saturday for the event, but He was kind enough to allow us to give away His music (for free!) to anyone who does attend. His album is titled, “Call To Repentance”. Here is one of the songs on his CD. A great example how the art of rap can be done to the glory of God.

Words from the Artist:

Ever since I can remember at a young age the first time I heard rap/hip hop music I fell in love with it. I don’t know what it was but the beats/instrumentals I could literally feel them to my inner core. I guess in the beginning I did not pay as much attention to the message until I got older. Most rap/hip hop music today is either completely wicked or watered down to where it does not sound as bad but still has a message contrary to the Word of God. As I got older I started listing to the message and felt that if that is what life is supposed to be like than that is how I will live and that is what I will strive for. I’m sure you can picture how the story ends with that kind of lifestyle. I started rapping my freshman year of high school. That went on for 8 years and throughout that time I strived to live what I was rapping. That led me to the penitentiary twice and numerous jail and near death experiences. Upon salvation I realized I was bound to negative hip hop music. I never knew anything of Gospel hip hop until one day a friend introduced me to it. That is how I came to rapping for Christ. The reason I create this kind of music is because people like me don’t wanna hear anything else. So I do this for those who don’t have a feel for any music but hip hop. A lot of people think hip hop was created by the devil to destroy. The devil is not a Creator therefore he cannot not create anything much less hip hop. Yet the enemy has distorted hip hop. So God has raised up  generation of many such as myself to take it back for the Kingdom and the Glory of GOD!

Come on Saturday and receive his CD. Quanities Limited (25). We look forward to seeing every one of you!!!

If you like his music or have been blessed by it e-mail him and let him know: