Not only do both states start with the letter “I” but they are also home to Tellos we know and love. This month we visited both states to spend some quality time with family.


Thanks to accumulation of miles, we were able to fly out to visit Jon’s brother and sister-in-law. It was great to see their home, meet their community and reconnect with them. The last time we spent time with them was a year and a half ago when they stayed with us in Chicago the weekend they got engaged! It was great to see them again and say goodbye before leaving for our Italy.


After our trip to Chicago, we were able to visit Jon’s parents in central, Iowa. One of the highlights of our time there was a trip to Des Moines where we enjoyed a garden and saw some outdoor sculptures. Jon’s Dad also taught him how to make another authentic Mexican dish (since there are NO Mexican restaurants in Italy). Our time flew by too quickly and the goodbyes were difficult. But it was fun to have some quality time with them while it lasted.

Below are some snapshots of our visits. Enjoy!

Jon with his brother Josue at Table Rock.

Brianna and I looking out over Boise.


Pine Flats: A mountainous area outside of Boise where we hiked

There was a tree in our way so the boys moved it

Erika with Jon's Mom

Typography Sculpture

Family Fun!

So, after traveling from Ohio to Idaho, back to Ohio, then to Illinois, to Iowa, and back to Ohio, we were tired of the “pack, unpack, reorganize” routine. But it was so worth it and we are thankful for the opportunity we had to live life with some of our favorite Tellos.