Crazy to think that tomorrow we are heading out for Italy. It is a bitter sweet for us. It has been great to have had the last 7 months here in Ohio with Erika’ s family. We have had a chance to spend time with them in a way we would have never had if we were not going to Italy. It has been great to be here but God is calling us to the next part of our lives now.

Last night we finished packing our 10 suitcases (they’re more like plastic trunks). It has been really hard trying to figure out for us what we are going to take. We have been wrestling with what clothes to take, what kitchen stuff we take, what sentimental things we need to make us feel at home, household items, shoes, bags, art supplies and more. We packed all of these things into 10 suitcases and it was not easy!

We need your help now. There are so many important things in each of these suitcases. We have tried to be smart and have distributed everything evenly so that if one of the suitcases is lost we do not lose all of one thing (all of our winter clothes, for example), we lose a little bit of everything. This is where you come in. In the image below you can see all or our suitcases and they are numbered from 1 to 10. We would ask that you commit to praying one of our suitcases through to Italy.

Please pray this way for your case:

  1. For a smooth check-in at the airport tomorrow (Sunday) at noon. And even for discounted prices on the cost of taking the suitcase.
  2. That the airline does not lose the suitcase.
  3. That we do not have any problems in customs in Italy (around 3:00AM EST).
  4. For the case to fit in the car that’s picking us up and arrive to our offices with us in one piece.

If you’d like to commit to pray for one of the 10 suitcases specifically, leave a comment below to let us know which one you will be praying for. We know they are just things, but we really appreciate your prayers!