Yesterday, we took the last step in a long process to obtain our “Permesso di Soggiorno” which is Italian for “Permit to Stay”. While the place we (and hundreds of other immigrants) went to apply for and pick up our Permessos operates under organized chaos, looks like a prison inside, echoes with the sounds of Italian officials yelling at people trying to cut the line, and is known for making people wait ALL day until their numbers are called…yesterday it was the place where we gained official residency in Italy for the next 2 years! As our team leader says, this is one small step for man, one giant leap for OM Italy!

As newly approved residents of the country, we thought it fitting to invite you to our home – our place of residence here in Italy! Since we can’t have a house-warming party for you all to attend, we’ll do the next best thing and give you a virtual tour! You’ll find our cozy 2 bedroom apartment is full of a combination of furnishings provided with the rental, things we brought from our home in the States, some new items, and hopefully the presence of the Lord.

Thanks for stopping by! Maybe next time you can come and stay awhile, in person!

Ciao (Bye)!