As most of you know, we are excitedly anticipating the birth of our first child: a daughter to love and treasure. We are so thankful for the gift she is already and for the health both mom and baby have had throughout the pregnancy. It has been incredible to be involved in the miracles God is doing as He “knits [her] together” (Psalm 139:13).

How tender is our Heavenly Father that He tends to the most intimate details of our life beginning with forming our inward parts! Did you know that our hearts begin to beat just four weeks after conception? Our tiny noses are formed by 6 weeks and all our fingers are formed by week 7. All of our body systems are present by week 8, we can yawn at 9 weeks, and already have fingernails at 10. By 13 weeks an unborn baby makes facial expressions, has the capability of crying and is able to hear. By 4 months we have distinct and unique fingerprints and can grasp things! Eyelashes appear at 6 months and most babies at this age are viable. Our little girl (like any unborn child) could recognize her momma’s voice at 7 months and during the last six weeks of gestation she is gaining an ounce of weight per day. Amazing!

We can’t help but celebrate what is so much more than a baby bump and one of the best ways we know how is by capturing the special moments on camera. While we were unable to have professional photos done we, the parents-to-be, had fun running our own photo shoots to make a special collection of maternity pictures. They were taken at 34 weeks and we hope that as you view our favorites you won’t just see another pregnant belly, but that you will be in awe of our amazing God and perhaps respond, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, I know that full well!” (Psalm 139:14)

Click on any of the photos to open a slideshow where you can better view them and make comments as you like!

Erika will be full term in just a few days as her due date is in just over 3 weeks (Jan 31st)! We appreciate prayers for an uncomplicated labor and delivery and for the perfect Italian (preferably English speaking) hospital staff to help us along the way! We eagerly hope that the next photos you see on here will be of the sweet face of our daughter.

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