This beautiful baby girl has captured our hearts. Since the moment we met six months ago when she was born, she has been such a gift. It’s truly a privilege to watch her grow and to discover life with her through her innocent, curious and joy-full eyes.

Snapshots from the last 5 months

Snapshots from the last 5 months

We are so thankful that she is healthy. According to her 6 month check-up she weighs nearly 20 lbs and is 27 1/2 inches long making our little over achiever taller and heavier than 95% of babies her age! Currently she enjoys using her recently mastered skills of rolling over and sitting up unassisted. She also says her m’s, b’s and d’s, likes to suck on her big toes, will fake cough for attention, and loves taking walks outside in her carrier.

She is a sweet, thoughtful, dramatic, happy little girl with stunning eyes, eyebrows that talk, and dark skin like her daddy. You can see in the pictures to follow why it has been said that “she is enchanting”.

The last six months with her have been such a blessing and we are looking forward to the months ahead with our delightful Arianna Evelyn!

-photos by Jon and Erika Tello