1 Year

As you now know, our baby is one year old! She’s a smiley, sweet, dramatic, curious little girl. Her favorite thing to say is “Ciao”, she’s got 8 teeth, her favorite foods are meat and cheese, her favorite song is “If Your Happy and You Know It”, she loves music, dancing to a good beat, and walking around on her own two feet!

For her one year photos we attempted to recreate some scenes from a year ago. First we got photos in the same place we went for Erika’s maternity pictures. It’s amazing to think our little girl was snug inside that belly just over a year ago.

Maternity and One Year 3

Maternity and One Year II Maternity to One Year Old

But look at her now! We couldn’t have imagined such a beauty.




From unborn to newborn, she entered our world. So the second set of photos we recreated were those taken just days after she was born. A year later you can see she’s a newborn no longer! Now we have a year of sweet memories, a baby who’s grown into a toddler, and more love for her now then ever.

newborn to toddler pillow pic laying newborn to toddler pillow pic sitting