This post, like our most recent one titled “Art & Worship,” was taken from the blog on Jon’s artist website. He shares about his experience co-leading the “ArtZone” at TeenStreet, a huge Christian conference in Germany attended by over 4,000 youth. See below…

“I was given the task to make a painting during one of the evening sessions here at TeenStreet in Germany. The theme of things that evening were Reveal. After praying and talking to God about what I was to do he guided me to do a word study on the word reveal. This word appears 70 times in the bible. It was very interesting to look at all of these verses (Click here to Download PDF of Verses)

When thinking about how God reveals himself to me I thought about His Natural and Special Revelation. I see and experience God through the beauty around me and all of the amazing things God has created. I also thought about how God reveals himself to me through His Word (the Bible). These are two different ways I experience God. In these two paintings I wanted to reflect these two ideas. Here is what God inspired me to do.


I began by printing out about 50 of the verses on paper in large print. I crumpled them up and put them in dirty water with paint. I set them off to the side to dry. I knew I wanted to use this as a base for the paintings that were going to need to be created during the evening session. I gathered all the materials and prepared for the painting. Here is what was the result of that evening.

In both of these paintings you see both the Natural and Special Revelation represented!”