My newest art form is pen turning. I use a lathe to create pieces of art out of raw materials. Last year I had the opportunity to learn how to turn (hand make) pens thanks to Erika’s uncle. It is always amazing to watch the transformation throughout the creation process as I take a block of wood or acrylic and craft it into something beautiful. And not only is it beautiful but it’s functional. I have always loved pens and am very particular about them. Now I get to make them and it is such a joy.

Recently I have been thinking about how to incorporate my painting into the making of the pens. These are my first two attempts at doing so. Enjoy.

smaller size-9 smaller size-10

This first pen was inspired by Seven, the signature painting from the Hope of Glory series. While I love having art on my wall and enjoy looking at it, sometimes I wish I could have that artwork with me all the time. This was my attempt to make that possible by creating a companion piece for Seven. I hand turned the pen, carefully painted on it in the same style as the original painting, and then sealed it. Now Seven is a piece of artwork that can be hanging at home AND carried around as a functional piece of art with the same message of the Hope of Glory we have in Christ.

smaller size-8 smaller size-7 smaller size-5 smaller size-6

My second painted pen creation is titled Broken. It is meant to be a depiction of us as broken people. We are broken vessels, but if God is in us He can be glorified as He shines through.

smaller size-4 smaller size-2

smaller size-3 smaller size-1

After hand turning this pen, I first painted it with a gold leaf varnish and then the red was painted over it. Next I made carvings on the pen so that the gold underneath would show through as if it is shining through the cracks. This is meant to be a reminder that God can work through our imperfections because He lives in us. He in His perfection lives in us, and even though we are not perfect He still works though us. Every time the user writes with this pen it can be a great reminder of the truths it represents. 

I love creating and reflecting the beauty of God and and all that He created around us. I’m so humbled and blessed to be given this gift. To God be the glory!