Early in the summer we were able to hit 60% of our financial support goal (yay God and thank you partners!), which qualified us to attend the last of two TEAM orientations, Pre-Departure Orientation, we are required to attend before going on the field. We were so grateful to have been able to attend this particular orientation because it overlapped with a TEAM conference that our team leaders in Italy were attending, which meant we got to spend time with them on this side of the ocean (we’re pictured together above)!

TEAM 125God did three specific things that made the orientation one of the memorable highlights of our summer.

First, we learned more about TEAM and were reassured that it’s an agency that we are so glad to be part of. We love how grace oriented they are while having clear policies and procedures that provide stability, clarity and accountability for TEAMers. They celebrate 125 years this year and it was humbling to consider following in the footsteps of so many who have given decades of their lives to the Lord in service with TEAM overseas.

Second, we were encouraged that TEAM is a great place for Arianna too as they are so family oriented and concerned for the health and well being of TEAM children like her. She had a great time in her own classes with loving caregivers.

Arianna and PDO teachers

Third, we were incredibly encouraged by our team leaders who we were able to visit with that week. They are genuinely excited about us joining the team and looking forward to our arrival in Italy, yet they care about our well-being and want us to take the time we need to get our minds, bodies and hearts refreshed before diving into our next term.

PDO commissioning

They prayed over us during this powerful commissioning service and we can’t wait to work with them and learn from their 32 years of experience in missions in Italy!

Our accommodations did elicit some flashbacks to college days while we slept on bunks in a college dorm room that week, but overall PDO (Pre-Departure Orientation) provided us with helpful confirmation about where we’re headed and an infusion of new life and energy for this season or restoration and preparation.

Bottom line: the Tellos are thankful to be TEAMers.