Recently I was talking to a friend very briefly and we were talking about how we do not feel like real artists. What is the definition to an artist?

According to wikipedia: An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts and/or demonstrating an art.

According to this definition I am an artist. But why do I not feel like one?

When I create something I feel that it is unworthy to be called art. I look at other people’s art and say to myself , that is a real artist. They have real skills, their art is beautiful! When I look at what I create I see all of the imperfections of what was made. I don’t feel worthy to be called an artist cause I do not feel like I am good enough or ever will be good enough. I see too many imperfections in my art.

My Artwork and I are very similar. We both have so many imperfections! I am not perfect and I know that I will never be (not until I have my heavenly body). My imperfections are what make me who I am. My greatest faults are also sometimes my greatest attributes. These are the things that make me me. Otherwise everyone would be the same and we all would be very boring. My artwork is the same in that regard. Sometimes the imperfections are what give it character and style. There are times when I wish I could paint like someone else, but I know that is not who I am and how God created me to create. He has given me my unique style of doing art as well as my own personality that make me who I am. He has a purpose for both.

Even though I see all the imperfections in the art I create people still find it beautiful. God is using the art He creates through me to bless people despite their imperfections.

Despite my imperfections God still chooses to use me for the furthering of His Kingdom. Why He has chosen us to go to Italy and minister to people I do not know. He is God, the creator of the universe and I know that I can trust what He chooses to do with my life!

What has God done in your life and what is He calling you to do despite your imperfections?