This week we began our process of going through all of our possessions (again) that we brought to Ohio from our Chicago home as well as things our parents kept for us from childhood and high school. We have to figure out what things we need to store long term, what we will take with us to Italy, and what we still need to give away. It has been hard for us to think that all of our possessions are in the garage in boxes and bins. We have been able to pack up all of our clothes and some of our childhood items. Here are a couple interesting items we found this week and will be keeping. They will give you an inside scoop on our childhood and dreams:

I (Jon) Have always wanted a Volkswagen Beetle car. Not the new ones but the old design. I grew up in Mexico as a young child and that is the car I saw everywhere and fell in love with. The closest I’ve been to getting one was when I was a kid and I got a model of it. So, that little car will go into long term storage.

Did you know that I (Jon) collected stamps when I was young? I think these will be worth big money some day. Who knows how much longer the post office will be around. Maybe then we can put the money from these toward sending our kids to college. Here’s hoping.

Most people probably don’t know I (Erika) played fast-pitch softball for 9 years. I was a pitcher most of those years and still have a pretty mean fastball.


One of the items I tucked away into long term storage was a game ball from my sophomore year in high school. I pitched for a varsity game, which alone was exciting but the best part was that we won by a couple runs and I had 9 strike-outs. That was a good day.

Going through my (Erika) things from high school I also found a lot of artwork and was reminded how much I love to draw and paint. I forgot how much time I spent doing it when I had an art class to produce for. Since then I haven’t taken the time to keep it up, but maybe being a part of this art ministry will be the inspiration I need! Below is a watercolor painting I did of my dad with my sister.