If you have one of these, then you can relate to two stories Jesus told about prayer. In Luke 11:5-12 he describes two scenarios to teach us that we should go boldly to God with our needs because if even we, imperfect and selfish human beings, will respond to the needs of others (like a pesky neighbor or persistent child), how much more will He? Imagine, God has everything we need. And yet so often we don’t go to Him about it.

If you’re like me, you may not ask because you’re afraid of being disappointed if God’s answer is no, or wait, or if what you really need isn’t what you want but He gives that to you instead. How childish, right? My Father has what I need, and He wants to give it to me, but I’m too prideful to go to Him for it because He might not give me what I want (even if it’s a “good” thing I’m asking for). Let’s be honest, He gives us what we need all the time even when we don’t ask for it. But we covered that in my previous post.

So, back to being childish… Doesn’t a kid want all the candy or ice cream (my preference) he or she could eat? It’s good stuff, so why not? It brings the child pleasure, so why not? Well, even if my Heavenly Father owns all the proverbial ‘candy’ in the world (which He does), He may not give it to me because even though I don’t see what could possibly be wrong with that, He does. And He cares enough to say “no”, or “wait”, or “have this instead”. But that’s where I have to trust His judgment right? That He is looking out for my best just like any good parent does, only infinitely better than that.

We, and many of you, have been knocking constantly, like a pesky neighbor, asking for God to provide a buyer for a condo. He wants us to be persistent, to keep coming to Him with our needs, so we are. And it seems that after asking us to wait and trust for a time, He is providing just that! We have a potential buyer who should be completing paperwork today to officially submit an offer!! We are thrilled at the possibility of seeing this mountain moved and thus the way to Italy opened up that much wider! There are many details that have yet to be worked out with the sale and we will keep you posted as we have updates! Please continue to be persistent with us in prayer as we ask God to take care of this need.

In His grip,