A treasure is inherently valuable, beautiful, and worth searching for. In the same way, victims of commercial sexual exploitation are made in the image of God, deeply loved by Him and worth searching for.

There are 50,000 victims of sexual exploitation in Italy today. The anti sex-trafficking ministry we launched a year and a half ago has quickly grown and is now known as Tesori Raggianti, or Radiant Treasures. God gave me, Erika, this verse as inspiration for the name for the ministry.

“Those who look to Him for help are radiant with joy, no shadow of shame will darken their faces.” Psalm 34:5

We believe that because of Christ, no matter how marred by the shadows of darkness where they were hidden, they can be radiant treasures. 

Tesori Radianti Final Color whole

Our logo is a visual representation of this. Jon prayerfully created it and each detail has meaning and purpose. One of the most sought after earthly treasures is a diamond. The logo is made up individual diamonds and the whole image together is the shape of a princess cut diamond from the top down. Each individual diamond is a different color representing the diversity of victims of sexual exploitation. When you look at the perimeter of the image you can see that the diamond shapes also resemble the outlines of people reaching toward the center. The victims, the treasures, are real people, like you and me. Finally, if you look at the center you’ll see the burst of radiance, the Light of Christ spreading joy over those who look to Him.


In addition to the logo, Jon has also built a website for Tesori Raggianti using the content we’ve gathered from our research and networking. Our hope is that this site will make our ministry more visible and accessible to victims of sexual exploitation, partner organizations, partner churches, and supporters.

From the Home screen (including Our Mission, Our Vision and our key verse) to a section About Us (including Our Name, Core Values, Strategies, Statistics and Staff), to a section on how to Get Involved (including the HTH Conference, Partner Organizations, and Resources), to a Call for Help page (providing the Italian hotline number for victims of sex trafficking), we have thoughtfully put together what we hope will be an informative, educational, and inspirational place on the web.

One other little spot where you can find us on the web is at our Facebook page. We will be utilizing that space to post real-time updates about events and outreaches and to educate viewers about sexual exploitation in Italy. We encourage you to “Like” our page and share it with friends so that more people are aware of the injustice faced by treasures here and how they can join us in combatting it!

God has filled our hands with many things to do already and there are new opportunities on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates!