Our little miracle at 12 weeks new.

Did you hear the news? Eight months ago a new little life began as Creator God began knitting our precious “Baby Tello 2” together inside Erika’s womb. For those who may have missed it, here is the video we created to announce the special news, starring Big Sister Tello!

Did you know that at just 12 weeks young this precious baby already had all vital organs (the heart already had 4 chambers 3 weeks prior!), arms and legs that squirm and bend at the joints, tiny nails on fingers and toes, eyelids and other tiny details, reflexes and rapidly developing neural pathways, synapses and nerve endings?! What an amazing Designer our God is! We’re so grateful that Baby Tello 2 (we’re waiting to announce the name we’ve chosen until she makes her arrival) has been growing healthy and strong in the weeks since!

18 weeks.jpg

18 Weeks New

We went as a family for the ultrasounds so Arianna could see the baby too and she was the first to find out if we were having a girl or boy. The above image is from that ultrasound and the image below is our announcement that Arianna’s being joined by a…SISTER!

Baby Sister Tello - web

We are all excited to have another sweet girl join our family! While Arianna was born in Italy just over 3 years ago, her sister will be born here in the USA. It’s been a much less stressful pregnancy this time around without having to navigate the Italian health system and we are really looking forward to the perks of delivering in the States such as having midwives/doctors who speak English fluently, a private room where Jon can actually stay the night with mom and new baby, and lots of family nearby to meet her!

30 Weeks.jpg

Baby Tello 2 and Mama pictured 6 weeks ago.

Mom and baby have done well and we’re so grateful that Baby Sister 2 has been growing right on target all throughout the pregnancy. She’s been very active and her big sister thinks it’s pretty fun to watch her move mommy’s tummy from the inside!

The little lady is due just one month from today on March 16, 2016! We look forward to kissing her sweet face once she makes her debut and will be happy to show her off here once we do!