We’ve learned long ago that our best laid plans aren’t always His best plans. When we were headed Stateside over a year ago for this time of transition we would have never guessed we’d be here so long, but He’s had lots of good reasons for it and we’re grateful for all the blessings this season has brought.

So, with open hands we have made it our new goal to be headed back to Italy this May to begin our next (4 year) term! May is the ideal timeframe for our return because it would allow us time to welcome our second baby girl to the world in March and adjust a bit to life as a family of four before making the big move, while getting us back to Italy in time for an important conference our team will be participating in at the beginning of June where we will also publicly launch the ATR anti-trafficking ministry.

The catch is that in order to see that happen it’s going to take what many would consider a miracle because we still need to add about a couple dozen financial partners to our team to help us reach our financial goal. We can’t leave for Italy until we have reached this funding goal as recommended and required by our sending agency (TEAM).

The good news is, we’ve seen God do miracles before as some of you also witnessed a few years ago when God moved mountains to get us to Italy. In recent weeks He has shown us promising progress toward our new goal! We are 2/3 of the way there!


Like the last few, the next few weeks will be full of meetings, presentations, some travel and lots of communicating as we ask to see who we will find has it in their hearts to be a strategic part of our ministry in this way. It’s a different kind of ministry. While we aren’t on the field, we get to share with lots of people about what God is doing in Italy and how they can be part of it too. We are so grateful for our fabulous team of partners who are our 69% and we can’t wait to see who God is calling to join them and take us to 100%! 

If you’ve ever considered partnering with us and God is nudging you to get more involved in our ministry, we would love to connect with you. Feel free to visit our financial partnership page here to learn more! Either way, we’d love your prayer support and we invite you to join us for the ride as we watch and see what God has in store for the rest of this season of our partnership building journey.