How deep the Father’s love for us. How vast beyond all measure. How can I begin to understand the gravity of this Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday celebration?

The idea of the weight of sin put upon Him, has taken on a whole knew meaning this year with the realization that He bore not only the sin I’ve done, but the sin done TO me – that He not only bore the sins done by each person, but all that is done TO each one.

Considering the experience of even one of the millions of victim of trafficking and the anguish caused by the evil that envelopes and assaults each one of them, of a child abused by a loved one, a mother made to watch her family torn apart by war, a man unfairly treated because of his color, a spouse betrayed, a friend rejected; any one person living in this dark and fallen world carries the weight of so much sin.

And yet you felt it all, Jesus. The extent of the darkness you knew in those moments and days from the garden to the tomb is unfathomable to our finite minds. Yet we have tasted and known the hardship of dark days. Times full of grief, loneliness, injustice, and pain. The waiting and looking when the Father seems to be so far or when the rest of the world seems such a sad and hopeless place. And you knew it too. That and more.

Blameless in your humanity, divine in power, you had every ability to defend yourself and execute justice. Yet you endured the suffering that came at the very hands of some of the ones you came to save. Keeping your eyes on the eternal joy of bringing us to Yourself, you purchased our freedom with your blood even as the Father turned away. Your heart broken with the severed intimacy because of our selfish souls.

The world wept and shook to see the Son of God laid in the grave. The curse of sin was your companion for a time. Confusion, doubt, grief, and shame battered those who knew and loved you.

Until that day when fear of man was traded for a renewed fear of God. What was unknown and feared in the dark was dispelled with the brilliant light of His victory! Death could not hold our Savior. He rose from the grave declaring once and forevermore that He is Lord by the undeniable power of His resurrection! Your perfect love was no match for the hell of rebellion.

Oh glorious grace poured out! Our faith is not in vain because you rose again. May you be forever praised in my heart and in the whole world. When all seems lost in the darkness of this world, may you be praised. When your power is shown in the face of the impossible, may you be praised.

May we trust your love, know your goodness, rest in your faithfulness, rejoice in your presence, because you did this for us. You did this for me. And as if that wasn’t enough, you live in us! You live in me! And this, is why we celebrate, today and every day. The weight of sin, conquered in Christ, eclipsed by glory.

by Erika Tello – inspired by reflection on Epheshians 1, Philipians 2, and lyrics from “Forever” by Bethel Music