It all happened so fast! We have had so much going on this week and a half…Here is what has happened in our lives!

On May 14th was when my wife graduated from Graduate school (Loyola University of Chicago). She spent the last two years learning about how to be a Social Worker to help people work through life and different issues. God has used this time to teach her a lot about herself and give her an idea about how these skills can be used to help people. Soon she will let you know about what God taught her. I just am so proud of her!!! Those two years happened so fast!!!

That weekend we moved from Chicago to Ohio (You heard about this in the last post)!

It took a couple days to get settled into our new place. Then on this past Thursday we drove down to Tennessee for the marriage of two amazing friends, Nick and Meredith. God brought their lives together over the last couple years. It is amazing to see His hand in their lives! This wedding was beautiful, everything looked great, and they were so happy! I was so blessed to be a part of the wedding. I was a witness to the vows that they made to one another.

I myself made vows to my now wife a few days shy of 6 years ago. I have been thinking about all that has happened in our lives over the past 6 years and about what kind of husband I have become…It all happened so fast.

Looking back…Once married, life changed and would never be the same again. One of the many things that I realized is that I am a selfish person. I had to learn how to put Erika before myself. I am still learning what it means to be selfless and have become better over the last 6 years. I have also learned that marriage is not an easy thing. It is something that I have to put time/energy/prayer into. The last 6 years have flown by. Being at Nick’s wedding made me remember what I once said. It is always good to be reminded and may I never forget. As I remember, I recommit in new words for today…

I love you, Erika, and I know that God has ordained this love and marriage. Because of this I desired to became your husband. Together we are vessels for His service in accordance with His plan, so that in all areas of our life Christ will have the pre-eminence. Through the pressures of the present and the uncertainties of the future, I promise to be faithful to you. I promise to love, guide, and protect you as Christ does His Church, and as long as we both are alive. According to Ephesians 5 and with His enabling power, I promise to endeavor to show to you the same kind of love as Christ showed the Church when He died for her, and to love you as a part of myself because in His sight we shall be one.

Thanks Erika for loving me and respecting me. Also, thanks for the reminder Nick and Meredith!